How Does It Look to Live in a Smart Home

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09 September

How Does It Look to Live in a Smart Home

Internet of things is going to automatize and ease our everyday tasks and chores, and, in the world of smart technology, smart home is already a thing. While behind it are hundreds of sensors, wi-fi technologies, data logger software and everything else that sounds complicated, living in a smart home seems pretty simple and satisfying. 


Your smart phone has an alarm set-up for 7 a.m. to get you up for work, but it won’t be that annoying ring tone you can’t stand, it will “tell” your player to play one of your favorite songs from the playlist. While you’re brushing your teeth, the coffe-maker will get the signal to start brewing, and the microwave will start heating up the breakfast you’ve prepared the day before. 


As you leave your garage which was automatically opened after you’ve started your car engine, the door will close behind you and activate the security system, yes, you can forget about the keys. 

Although it cannot affect traffic, your GPS device will navigate you through the fastest route to your destination, and you will no longer have to worry about whether you’ve left the stove on, your devices will take care of it for you. 

At the end of the month, the electricity bill will be surprisingly low, the IoT has your back on this part too, it traces your movement and sets up the thermometer, lights and water heater accordingly. 

Sounds like something from the future huh? Well, some people are already living it. For example, Songdo, South Korea, is a smart city, the first of its kind.

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