How ReadyDAQ speeds up the prototyping process?

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08 February

How ReadyDAQ speeds up the prototyping process?

Posted by:ReadyDaq in Fast Prototyping

Engineers, researchers and scientist are gifted professionals with a knack for innovation and implementation but with great ideas and product inventions come a concern towards lack of training or skill to be the best and create something meaningful. A good idea goes a long way, only if it is executed with a plan. To make it a success, a prototype is necessary. When a prototype is showcased, the success probability increases manifolds mainly because the consumers actually get an insight into the actual product. Entrepreneurship needs to be driven and there is no better way than to create a prototype of your product. 

But, time management plays an important role in prototype development because being time bound is very important for the launch of any product. Wouldn’t it be amazing if one could just skip the software development which includes the basic command and control and rather invest on the application development for the prototype? With ReadyDAQ, it is now possible to solely focus on prototype development while we offer you the software required to build the same. 

ReadyDAQ helps you skip the basic development as it is itself developed in LabVIEW environment hence enabling you to gain direct control of the application. It provides you the ease and comfort to connect the sensors, detectors and other components, while its signals are immediately read by ReadyDAQ without the need to program it from the scratch.
Another way ReadyDAQ speeds up the prototyping process is with its ability to connect to and operate other devices such as pumps, engines, drivers, heaters and more which are controlled by analog/digital voltage signals without any specific need for basic configuration.

ReadyDAQ makes use of smart signs and symbols including models and land patterns for specific components and helps in building cleaner and smarter designs. It also provides faster designs with its ability to integrate templates and customize according to the user’s needs.

ReadyDAQ has been designed according to the requirements and guidelines of the modern day technology, providing users with fast paced solutions to their prototyping needs. It can be a life saver for all the current as well as prospective scientists and researchers.


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“ReadyDAQ provides a customizable LabVIEW solution which is both time saving and affordable”. 


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