Internet of Medical Things -- Why Is Data Acquisition So Important?

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06 September

Internet of Medical Things -- Why Is Data Acquisition So Important?

With every mention of Internet of medical things(IoMT)people lower their eyes not knowing what exactly are we talking about. A plain example would be that IoMT makes it possible to remotely monitor patients with chronic diseases or long-term conditions. And that’s not the only one, we must mention tracking patients’ medication orders and the location of patients admitted to hospitals as well as patients' wearable health devices which can send information to care-givers. IoMT is also “responsible” for infusion pumps connecting to analytics dashboards and hospital beds equipped with sensors measuring vitals of the patient. All these are medical devices can and will be converted to or deployed as technology that is part of IoMT.

Like with the larger Internet of Things (IoT), there are now higher number of available applications of IoMT than before as many consumers’ mobile devices are built with Near Field Communication (NFC) radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Having that build-in, the devices can now share information with IT systems. It is also possible to place RFID tags on medical equipment and supplies thus making hospital staff aware of the numbers they have in stock. Reading this, you’ve probably realized that any of this would not be possible without proper data acquisition tools and data logger software. 

The telemedicine is slowly becoming possible. Using IoMT devices to remotely watch over patients in their homes is a reality. Not only that this kind of treatment spares patients from the commute to a hospital or physician's office whenever they have a medical question or change in their condition, but also makes it easier for doctors to monitor and schedule treatments and to provide the best possible health-care to the one that really needs it at the given moment. 
IoMT is the future of medicine, and data acquisition systems are the core of their existence. ReadyDAQ has developed a software that helps the automatization part of this process, if you’re in the industry, give it a try (There is a free trial version) and start using ReadyDAQ today!

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