Internet of things: an Irrelevant Watch or a Valuable System?

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21 June

Internet of things: an Irrelevant Watch or a Valuable System?

The Internet of Things, or the IoT, is a fast growing business, predicted to be worth over 1.2 billion by 2020. But as more and more people are buying into this system, so are more and more people shifting away from the Internet of Things. Some just don’t buy the products and some take off their Fit-bits and smart-watches and put them in a drawer. But this might be the wrong decision. The ever-expanding industry has a lot more to offer than we see on the surface.

                Some of the perks come from the invisible and invaluable data that is collected from these devices. Collecting vast amounts of data is immeasurably useful: not only to companies and businesses but also to the individual. It may not be apparent when you first buy your Fit-bit, but the data that it collects (and which you can then see later on your computer, smart phone, etc) can be utilized for multiple purposes. The company gets to track the data and create a better picture of the world, understanding the fitness of its customers, creating better products for them in the future and providing health statistics for doctors and researchers. But this data also allows the individual to understand him or her-self and make changes accordingly, improving quality of life, health, etc.

                On a larger scale, the IoT is very important in larger industries and businesses. Take for example a hospital, which uses the IoT to monitor its medical devices. Not only does it get data on what works, doesn’t work, which devices are more efficient or less, but it allows the staff to be immediately notified if a device fails in any way. These life-saving technologies are applicable to a simple home as well. Imagine a baby onesie which monitors the child’s heart beat. Irregularities alert the parent to the dangerous situation and the device will make an automated call to 911 in an emergency. The IoT might just save a few lives.

                The IoT provides what our world is striving for: efficiency, comfort and responsibility. A good example is one of the most popular products, now entering multiple homes is Google’s Nest: a smart-thermostat which allows the occupants to remotely change the temperature in the house. It is easy to use, needing a quick turn of a dial or a simple phone application (comfort), it allows you to change the temperature remotely, for instance on your way home from work, so that it is your ideal temperature when you arrive (efficiency), and allows you to turn off wasteful resources while you are away (responsibility).

                So don’t throw away your Fit-bit, think about trying ReadyDAQ and don’t discount the Internet of Things. It is the new best thing and it can improve your life as well as the lives of those around you.

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