PC-based DAQ Systems

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24 March

PC-based DAQ Systems

PC-based DAQ systems are accessible with a wide assortment of interfaces. Ethernet, PCI, USB, PXI, PCI Express, Firewire, Compact Flash and even the respected GPIB, RS-232/485, and ISA transport are all prominent. Which one(s) is/are the most fitting for a given application might be a long way from self-evident. Maybe the primary question to address while considering another DAQ venture is whether the application is best served by a module board system or an outer "box" based system. 
This issue has been a wellspring of much disarray (and rivalry) throughout the years, and the choice might be less all around characterized today than any time in recent memory. In the beginning of PC-based DAQ, the general guideline was: High-speed estimations were performed by board arrangements, high precision was the space of the outside box. 
Obviously, there was a "dim" zone in the middle of that could be tended to by either frame figure.

Today's hazy area is significantly bigger than at any other time. Board level arrangements offering 24-bit determination are currently accessible as are 6.5 digit DMM sheets. On the crate side, USB 2.0 is hypothetically equipped for conveying 30 million 16-bit transformations every second and Gigabit Ethernet will deal with more than twice that. In spite of the fact that interior module opening data exchange rates have expanded 10 overlaps as of late, the regular data acquisition system test rate has not. 

Planes and autos don't go substantially quicker now than in 1980 and temperatures and weights are still generally moderate evolving marvels. Since most application precision and test rates are splendidly inside the abilities of both board and box level arrangements, different contemplations will figure out which arrangement is best for a given application.
Some of these key factors, as well as why, will be listed in many upcoming articles!


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