Product development and prototyping in Medical and Aesthetics industry gets simplified with ReadyDAQ

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26 May

Product development and prototyping in Medical and Aesthetics industry gets simplified with ReadyDAQ

The medical and aesthetics industry is the leading player when it comes to development, innovation and growth. A lot of time, money and energy is being spent on finding new technologies for the medical industry and to offer people aesthetics treatment at affordable cost and easy availability. As the technology advances, new ways are devised for the same and with the increase in technological investments comes the need for efficient and scientifically strong solutions. ReadyDAQ comes in with a solution to all the development solutions for new products which are to be worked on in the medical and aesthetics industry. It can be considered a solution to all the developmental needs for your prototype.

Prototyping which is indeed essential for any product to achieve success in the long run is something which takes a lot of time and money and to tackle this, ReadyDAQ jumps in with a pre- developed software cutting out on the need to work on a software for your devices from the scratch. It supports simultaneous running of devices and can connect up to 4 devices at a time. It is perfect for drivers, sensor, motors, pumps and other operative devices which are used to acquire signals and processing them is complex. With its preprogrammed software, the signals acquired are easily converted into the required units with accuracy. ReadyDAQ is perfect for all National Instruments devices and is high quality solution at an affordable price.

Once acquired, the data logs are created to utilize the values for future use to analyze, understand and correct errors if required. This data logger feature is very useful to work on prototype and get the final result. With ReadyDAQ, it is easier to get the work done and save on a lot of time, money and energy which can be utilized on the development of the actual product rather than a software to process it. We also offer full support for the software and guide the consumers through the process of setting up their devices. We understand the customer’s requirements and make sure to offer them what is needed, 

Do you want to explore the ReadyDAQ System? You can download a FREE 30-Day Trial for ReadyDAQ-Light right now! 


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“ReadyDAQ provides a customizable LabVIEW solution which is both time saving and affordable”. 


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