Sensors and the Industrial Internet Of Things

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26 February

Sensors and the Industrial Internet Of Things

Posted by:ReadyDaq

The internet of things is the future of technology. It is fascinating how the internet is creating an interconnected network of almost everything we come across using path breaking technology and concepts. Not only is the sensor driven technology in demand in the automotive industry owing to the development of smart cars and self-driven cars and the health industry inclusive of monitoring and diagnostics but is well in demand in the industrial space as well. The industrial internet of things has been impacted the most among all spheres and covers one third of the sensor market.

Sensors are the major constituent if the IIoT since measuring values such as pressure, position, temperature and time relies on its functionality. Hence, it is a major factor for the sensor market as well as IoT fueling its growth capabilities. At an annual growth rate of 7.5 percent, as per the Denver-based investment banking firm Headwaters, the sensor market currently sums up to a total of $85 billion. With the ever increasing numbers of the sensor market, prototyping for innovation is essential. The industrial market focuses on high quality production rather than high volume production, so sensors need to be precision specific and analytically strong.

Researchers, scientists and engineers with innovative products planned need to work on their time management skills to get efficient and money saving results. ReadyDAQ, designed in the LabVIEW environment has been designed to save your time as well as money saving you the trouble of developing the software from the scratch. ReadyDAQ offers customization as per needs and requirements and even supports sensor functionality simplifying the prototyping process. The data logger feature allows the users to log all the data from the sensors into an excel sheet, making it easier to find and rectify errors and change values if required. Combining the capabilities of the sensor synchronization and data logger helps create a successful production environment giving accessibility to a vast array of technological advances and expanding the scope of improvement.

The ability to prototype products and help increase the manufacturing efficiency makes ReadyDAQ the perfect answer to all your development needs and if you have an industry specific product, it can help make an impact on Industrial Internet of Things.


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