Tips for Longer Battery Life

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26 September

Tips for Longer Battery Life

Posted by:ReadyDaq

Although we don’t think a lot of them, batteries are essential part of every data logger. Of course, they will always run out or die when you need them the most, that’s why it’s important to take a proper care of them to prolong their lifespan. We’ve prepared a list of tips to help you boost the productivity of your battery. 

1.    Choose the correct size
First things first, you need to know which battery goes best with your device. The safe bet here is to go by the recommendation of the manufacturer and not worry about it.

2.    Check the voltage
Most data loggers have the ability to measure the voltage of their own batteries, which is a great thing that lets us monitor whether the battery is functioning properly. If the voltage drops below certain point, your device may stop working or malfunction. 

3.    Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable
Do NOT try to charge the batteries.  Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable, and if you really need a backup power source, buy rechargeable batteries instead of trying to charge the ones that came with the device.

4.    Prevent leaking
Yes, alkaline batteries can leak too. But it can be prevented. Just follow the instruction every manufacturer will give: Do not mix used with new batteries and maintain 9.6 Vdc voltage.

5.    Batteries need air, too
Some batteries (VRLA) should not be left in enclosed space. They emit hydrogen gas and need to disperse it, otherwise, once accumulated, it can cause an explosion.

6.    Protect them from temperature extremes
-25C to 50C are recommended temperature limits, and everything below (over) that is considered an extreme and can end the battery life. 
It’s not that complicated, and a healthy battery will serve its purpose for a long time. Keep that in mind!


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