Understanding Data Logger Devices

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16 September

Understanding Data Logger Devices

Data acquisition is all around us and we’re probably rarely aware of their presence. However, data logger devices keep doing their job from the shadows and provide invaluable information. To explain it simpler, weather forecast is not done by some voodoo magic, it is based on precise information acquired through data loggers. 
For someone working closely with data acquisition, simply understanding, let’s say, weather forecast is not enough. It is crucial to know what types of data acquisition systems are there and what’s the best for your project.

There are 6 most common data logger devices: Bluetooth, wireless, miniature single input, multi-channel, handheld and modular data loggers. 

·    Bluetooth data loggers are practical due to their ability to connect to mobile phone or a tablet and monitor one or more transmitters through the app installed on the device. 
·    Wireless data loggers are mostly used for measuring humidity, temperature and pressure of the area. They are ideal for acquiring weather and barometric pressure data, as well as monitoring places with sensitive materials.
·    The cheapest type of data loggers, used for a specific purpose to measure single input type. The most common usage is in the transport industry.
·    Multi-channel data loggers have fixed amount of input channels usually for a single input type. Some devices offer up to 8 channels.
·    Handeld loggers are also multi-channel devices used for mobile data acquisition. In cases where you need to acquire information from more than one location, these devices are ideal solution. Some devices even come with built-in printers allowing you to have immediate access to the hardcopy of the data. 
·    Modular data loggers are the advanced devices with the ability to expand and configure according to your needs. They use plug-in modules to expand and do exactly how you program them. 

While choosing a right device can be tricky, you don’t need to worry about the software. ReadyDAQ offers one of the best data logger software on the market. Test it today!

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