What Do You Need to Know Before Starting an IoT Project

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10 September

What Do You Need to Know Before Starting an IoT Project

You can see it everywhere. IoT projects are rapidly being created and with the usage of advanced technologies, it is hard to follow up with the latest trends. According to Gartner, over 40 percent of organizations are already using, or plan to use IoT in 2016. That definitely tells something. 

Being the top business initiative for vast number of companies, you need to know few things before getting involved in IoT project.

·    Required skills set
Data science and analytics are the most wanted sector when it comes to Internet of Things. Data mining and machine learning needs have risen for over 1000 percent in total. 
IT & networking as well as engineering and architecture have also faced the huge rise in popularity with over 100 percent in total. If your project includes wearables, electrical engineering, 3D modeling and GPS development are necessary for it to work. Of course, we can’t talk about skills set without mentioning software development and security engineers. 

·    Development platforms
This is where you get started, and you need to choose the platform according to your needs. ReadyDAQ has done an amazing work in utilization fast prototyping which is the core of IoT development.

·    Security
It is an absolute must that we keep our eyes open regarding the security. The IoT contains sensitive information, and we must approach with caution when choosing who has the insight over all the stored data. 

·    Data acquisition
Every IoT device comes with it’s own “eyes and ears,” and by that, we mean sensors. The sensors connect all the necessary information so the device can properly communicate with other devices and function as it was designed. ReadyDAQ can probably build the best data acquisition systems for you, and our suggestion is that you always go with them.

So, what’s it gonna be? Are you prepared to take part in the shaping of the future? Browse more through our blog and find out about everything you need. 

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