Why Do We Need Data Loggers?

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15 September

Why Do We Need Data Loggers?

Data loggers are need for a large number of reasons, usually to make sure that industry specific regulations are respected, as well as for quality and environmental control. Furthermore, data loggers lower the costs by making the efficient energy management possible or putting the number of wastage of damaged goods.
Without further ado, here are some practical examples:

·    The food industry EC Directive 92/1 clearly states that every organization associated in the preparation, depository or transit of food must confirm that the temperatures are maintained at the indicated level. Data acquisition provides absolute transparency from the starting preparation  to the deployment at the designated location.

·    Data acquisition systems aid in making sure that compliance with World Health Organization regulations that vaccines should be systematically monitored and stored within a temperature range of +2 to +8°C all the time until the point of final distribution among the population. 

·    The organic fertilizer industry uses data loggers to assist them in attaining rigid environmental regulations, requiring the fertilization process temperatures to be observed and documented with the highest precision. 

·    Precise environmental data acquisition assists companies in making sure that HVAC systems are used to their full potential, ensuring the comfort and prosperity of residents while the energy use and costs are kept to a lowest point possible.

·    Carbon dioxide data logger devices provide the verification that HVAC systems are functioning properly while also assisting with following BB101 recommendations regarding the ventilation and CO2 concentrations in schools and other public buildings.  These regulations indicate the relevance of tractable ventilation in maintaining air quality inside the buildings and at the same time minimizing energy wastage, and suggest the use of CO2 detectors as one way achieving this.

Of course, these are just some of the examples of mandatory usage of data acquisition systems. Take a look around, there are dozens of other examples right next to you.

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