Is Your Data Safe?

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02 October

Is Your Data Safe?

It’s important to keep safe things of some value for us, but, how secure is your data? Most data loggers offer amazing security measure, all you need to do is to apply them.

Security Code
The first and basic level of the safety is the security code. The regular code like the one you have on your cellphone or credit card’s PIN code, it restricts the access to those without it. One great thing about it is that most manufacturers offer you to set-up different codes for different levels of access. That way, your employees can have access just to read measurements, while you can have total control of the device. 

TLS is available on almost all devices (or at least on those you should buy) as it’s an industry standard. It works similar to security of websites with sensitive information (banks, online shops). To establish a connection, authentication is required, and all content is encrypted. It is virtually impossible to breach TLS, well, almost, unless you set your password to be “123456” or “password.”

PakBus Encryption Key
The easily breakable security code has evolved into PakBus Encryption Key. With it, all communication to the data logger has to be encrypted as well as authenticated. It secures both direct and IP connection. 
These are not the only solutions for safely storing your data, but they are the best and highly recommended. If you want to feel extra safe, you can use all three levels of security to have a device that is impossible to get into without your permission. Keep in mind, however, that if you lose your passwords, none will be able to unlock your device.

Last but not least, these measures of security do not concern physical security of your device. The data stored may still be downloaded by a person with physical access to the device, of course, with right knowledge and equipment. 


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