data logger is, simply put, an electronic device which records and stores data. There are various ways data devices, or data loggers, tools designed for recording or monitoring processes and different parameters, acquire data. These data loggers have become a revolutionary solution for logging vast amounts of data and are nowadays symbolized by a vast array of devices, from small, handheld ones to complex systems. For example, a data logger device can be applied to automobile and other vehicle control, then the acquisition of machine or engine data and monitoring of conditions present in a machine. Multichannel systems which track vibration, force detection and various measurements in turbines and generators can all be found. The findings are later presented as charts, graphs and diagrams.

Temperature data logger

Temperature data loggers, also called temperature monitoring devices, can be found with ease, and they offer a variety of solutions to adapt to any temperature measurement scenario. Data loggers which measure atmospheric temperature almost always have a built-in sensor which is then employed to measure surrounding temperatures in rooms, fridges or other enclosed spaces. Needless to say, these instruments are capable of autonomous work, that is, they record temperatures over a defined period, without the need of a person meddling with it.There are many various constructions available for data logging devices. Most of these devices have internal measuring sensors or can be linked to external sources. Also, most of these devices can be connected to via cord, RFID or a wireless system for data retrieval purposes, calibration or set up; many can also be set up and controlled via a personal computer or a smartphone. These devices are usually small, battery-powered, portable, equipped with internal memory for data storage, a connection for data retrieval of choice and sensors.

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