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"ReadyDAQ has been the perfect partner for helping us develop the software, so we can do the hardware."
–  Dr. Eric Wilson PHD,

Example projects

At ReadyDAQ we are ready to build and customize our software for any project that you are working on. 
Some sample projects include: 

Developing a Product Lifetime Setup for an Aesthetic Device

Computerized control and command software setup utilizing LabVIEW

Medical Device Prototyping

Computerized control and command software setup utilizing LabVIEW

Developing a Prototype to Operate a Carbon Fiber Based Heater

Computerized control and command software setup utilizing LabVIEW

Developing a Heat Engine for a Prototype

Computerized control and command software setup utilizing LabVIEW

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Semiconductor Testing
12 December 2017 | 0 comments

Automated test equipment (ATE) is computer-controlled test and measurement equipment that allows for testing with minimal human interaction. The tested devices are referred to as a device under test (DUT).

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Simple Wiring of Clock and Trigger
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One last part of "non-standard" information obtaining and control frameworks is the manner by which bigger frameworks are synchronized. Regularly, it is important that you know "what" happened, as well as "when" it happened.

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Military’s equivalent to ARINC-429
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MIL-STD-1553 is the military’s equivalent to ARINC-429, though structurally it is VERY different. The first and most obvious difference is that most 1553 links are designed with dual, redundant channels.

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What are String Pots?
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String pots are intended to gauge direct uprooting. They are ordinarily lower cost than LVDTs and can offer any longer estimation separations. As their name suggests, the reason for string pot is a string or link, and a potentiometer.

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LVDT and RVDT (Linear/Rotary Variable Differential Transformer) gadgets are like synchro/resolvers in that they utilize transformer loops to detect movement.

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Real Time Data Monitoring
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Continuous data checking is a fundamental reinforce application to screening maintained electrical
device conditions especially when the watched parameters affect the maintained rigging electrical

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Future of IoT
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A large part of the Internet of Things is wireless transceivers combined with sensors, which can exist in almost anything physical – devices, machinery, infrastructure, even clothes.

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After a short holiday break, we’re finally back with the new part of the DAQ dictionary. This time, the R takes the whole article for itself.

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You’re hired! Great! You’ve got the job as a software quality assurance, just what you’ve wanted, right? Let’s take a look at your time spent at work, starting from day 1. 

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In a perfect situation, each engineer would have plenty of time to develop and test their software. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and the occasion to get time to do everything is not that common.

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So you’re finally considering of implementing automatic testing in your business? Let’s see what are the good and the bad sides of automation in general, and you decide which of these factors concern your business.


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So, with the innovation taking place at the pace of a bullet, we see a lot of new technologies and methodologies taking place in our day to day life. This trend has been around for a while and has resulted in a better lifestyle for the humans.

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Automating the internet of things
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Internet, the very basis of all major everyday processes is the way of life. From communication to commercial transactions, everything is based directly or indirectly on the internet.

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“ReadyDAQ provides a customizable LabVIEW solution which is both time saving and affordable”. 


The team – ReadyDAQ has a dedicated team of physicists, electrical engineers, and programmers who work to provide a data acquisition solution for any project in different difficulty levels.


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