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20 July

How to keep multicloud complexity under control

Using multiple cloud providers provides needed flexibility, but it also multiplies the work and risk of getting out of sync
“Multicloud” means that you use multiple public cloud providers, such as Google and Amazon Web Services, AWS and Microsoft, or all three—you get the idea. Although this seems to provide the best flexibility, there are trade-offs to consider.

14 July

6 Steps on How to Learn or Teach LabVIEW OOP - Part 1

If you follow the NI training then you learn how to build a class on Thursday morning and by Friday afternoon you are introduced to design patterns. Similarly when I speak to people they seem keen to quickly get people on to learning design patterns – certainly, in the earlier days of adoption this topic always came up very early.
I think this is too fast. It adds additional complexity to learning OOP and personally I got very confused about where to begin.

10 July

Automation to Replace Human Hands?

Posted by:ReadyDaq in Automation

As we move deeper into the technologically advanced methodologies and manufacturing processes, we realize the power of the human mind. The mind which has developed a new league of technical procedures which have made our lives easy and working easier. Manual labor is on the way to extinction in a few years from now, thanks to the highly advanced machinery and automation industry.




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