3 Reasons to Automate Software Testing

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08 December

3 Reasons to Automate Software Testing

Posted by:ReadyDaq in Automation

You’re not a true developer if you don’t firmly believe that software is capable of anything. If you do believe this, then, why can’t software test a software? Got the point? Congrats, you’ve successfully completed the first step towards automation testing. 
Now you’re probably wondering if that the right thing to do. Let’s see the top three reasons why you should start with the automated testing  today.

#1 Regression

We’re humans. Testing requires repeating the same tasks, over and over again with the same speed, energy, attention, and accuracy. I repeat, the same tasks, over and over again. Let that sink in. How long do you think someone will be able to last like this? A week? A month? A year? It’s obvious that this is the job for machines, for a software that is programmed to function like this. 

#2 Some tasks cannot be done manually

Depending on the field you’re working in, there are some tasks that simply have to be automated. For example, comparing two images pixel by pixel. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that a human eye is not capable of detecting such differences. Testing automation is the ally you need in this scenario. Some other examples include comparing two spreadsheets with thousands of rows and columns, testing the app under the weight of 100k users or performance benchmarks. 

#3 Parallel testing

Although it is theoretically possible, testing an app on different browsers and multiple operating systems at the same time is virtually impossible. Not only the tester would need several computers, they’d also need a couple of extra pairs of hands and eyes. How many SQA’s did you meet that match the criteria?
Automation is your friend and ally. There’s no need to be afraid of it, there is still going to be someone watching over it, it just takes out the frustration out of the equation. What are you waiting for?


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