Common Problems with LabVIEW Real-time Module: Part 2

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19 February

Common Problems with LabVIEW Real-time Module: Part 2

The second part of our series will address the difficulty with setting up a connection with a Compact Field Point and SQL Server 2000. 
Let’s set up a possible scenario:
You have a SQL server with which you would like to communicate with directly (preferably no software in between).).

There is more than two way to try and solve this problem, but we’ve narrowed them down to two that are most likely to be a perfect solution: 

1.  FTP files using cFP onto IIS FTP server (push data, then DTS).

This should be fairly easy to accomplish. As an alternative, you can write a LabVIEW app for your host computer (SQL Server Computer) that uses the Internet Toolkit to FTP the files off the cFP module, and writes the data from the file into the SQL Server using the SQL Toolkit. As another alternative, you can use DataSockets to read the file via FTP, parse it, and write the data to the SQL Server using the SQL Toolkit.

2. Write a custom driver/protocol (which will run on the cFP)

You can accomplish this, however, it is a subject to some limitations/difficulties One approach would be a modification of the first solution, where you create a host-side LabVIEW program that communicates with the cFP controller via a custom TCP protocol that you implement to retrieve data at specified intervals and log the data directly to the database.

How do you like solutions are LabVIEW experts are providing? Are you working on a LabVIEW project at the moment? Let us know in the comments. 

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