Daq Dictionary: B-C

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19 November

Daq Dictionary: B-C

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The daq dictionary continues with B-C part with a goal to get you closer to data acquisition.


The main multi-channel link in a network that branches into smaller links.

Background noise

Inessential signals someone may confuse with measured signals.

Batch process

Any procedure on which processes is carried out on a limited number of articles.


Measuring of the depths of geographies at the bottommost of the sea, especially by echo-sounding.


A signal that varies between a negative and a positive value.


Short-range wireless communication.

B-Type Thermocouple

Platinum-rhodium thermocouple with a temperature variation of 600 to >1700 C.


Sends data from the data acquisition system to a computer. Network systems like ethernet are not generally regarded as buses.

Cable Gland

Locks electric cable entering equipment and provides a closure between the external and internal exteriors of the gear.


Calibration compares a data acquisition device's performance to an accuracy standard and adjusts the performance as necessary.


A scale for temperature measurement in which the freezing point of water is 0 and the boiling point 100 degrees. The symbol is C.

Cold Junction

The reference junction of a thermocouple which is kept at a constant temperature.

COM port

A connection on a computer into which a serial device may be plugged.

Common-Mode Signal

A signal smeared simultaneously to both inputs of a differential amplifier.

Contact Rating

Refers to the power that can be safely switched with a relay. Quoted for non-reactive load, that is without capacitance or inductance.


Complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor.


When one channel's signal causes an undesired effect on another.


Current is used to transmit signals in noisy environments. 


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