DAQ Dictionary: G-H

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26 November

DAQ Dictionary: G-H

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The newest part of our DAQ dictionary is here, learn about the terms that start with G and H. 


Strengthening of a circuit.

Gain Range

The maximum and minimum voltage that will be digitized by the A-D converter is occasionally named the gain range.


After your computer wants to contact a device on additional subnet it sends the message through the Gateway. This is an extra PC which transmits the note to the destination address. Your computer needs to recognize the IP Address of the Gateway. 


Geographic information system. Location at which data is collected, stored, displayed and recognized according to its location.


General Purpose Interface Bus. Also known as the IEEE-488 bus. The GPIB standard was intended to connect several devices to computers for data acquisition and control. 


General Packet Radio Service.


In cases when data is collected by remote sensing methods, ground-truthing authorizes that the information is correct. Ground-truthing is collecting data by non-remote detecting means.


The RS232 protocol includes handshaking (also known as flow control). Even though this is often not essential, it has two purposes: It permits the computer to stop your device from sending data when the PC is not prepared for it; and it also lets your instrument stop the PC from sending data when the device not ready for it. 


Highway Addressable Remote Terminal. Delivers digital communication to microprocessor-based (smart) analog process switch devices.

Hertz (Hz)

Cycles per second, the unit of frequency.


A counting scheme based on 16.

High Pass Filter

In situations where a low-level transducer signal is overlaid on a big dc output voltage, a high-pass filter might be valuable. This weakens (removes) low frequencies. This can be a particular problem with biological and biochemical signals, but not frequently with up-to-date electronic signals. 

Human machine interface (HMI)

Also called man-machine interface. This is the communication between the computer system and the persons who use it.


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