DAQ Dictionary: M-N

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06 December

DAQ Dictionary: M-N

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In the newest edition of DAQ dictionary, we explain terms starting with M and N. We're at the half of the alphabet already and I bet data acquisition seems closer now.


The symbol for meter also used to indicate a thousandth part of something (milli)


The symbol for mega (million).


The source of electrical power, normally the electricity supply system.

Mains Frequency

Electricity AC supply frequency; 50 Hz in the UK, 60 Hz in the US.


Manufacturing Execution System.


The SI fundamental unit of length, equal to 1.093 yards. (Meter in US.)


Manufacturing Information System.


Man Machine Interface. Also known as the human-machine interface. The communication between the computer system and the people who use it.


A form of construction in which hardware or software units, often with differing functions, are quickly interchangeable.


Where each signal is switched in turn to a single analogue-to-digital converter. As opposed to where one A-D converter is used for each signal in simultaneous sampling.


An industrial networking system that uses peer-to-peer communications. More details on Modbus are in Issue 32 of Monitor.

Most Significant Bit, MSB

In a binary number, the 1 or 0 furthest to the left.

N-Type Thermocouple

Nicrosil-Nisil thermocouple with a temperature range of -200 to 1200 oC.

Name Server

When communicating with instruments over a TCP-IP network, and your computer wishes to send a message to a named destination, it asks a Name Server to resolve the name to an IP Address. Your computer needs to know the IP Address of the Name Server. You can view this in the TCP/IP properties of the computer.

Negative Edge Trigger

Data acquisition starts when an input signal changes from a high to a low state.


The physical interconnection of devices sharing a communications protocol.


A device with a direct point of access to a network.


Any unwanted electrical signals contaminating the signal to be measured. This noise may be electronic noise which is an artifact of semiconductor construction techniques and is not reducible.Alternatively, the noise may be caused by environmental factors. This type of noise can be the result of poor positioning or screening of signal wiring. This may result in mains frequency or RF pickup contaminating the required signal.


A product outside manufacturing limits but not necessarily defective.

Non-Destructive Testing

The method of inspecting materials and products without affecting their subsequent properties and performance. Abbreviation NDT.

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