How is automation benefiting the industries?

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11 July

How is automation benefiting the industries?

So, with the innovation taking place at the pace of a bullet, we see a lot of new technologies and methodologies taking place in our day to day life. This trend has been around for a while and has resulted in a better lifestyle for the humans. Not only the living standards but the working efficiency and comfort has improved. But, what has impacted the industries the most? It is the automation of the industries which has taken new age methods to the next level. Automation has not only improved the execution but also the quality of the final product. Let's have a look at the benefits of automating our industries.

Productivity: That is something which has made the major impact on our industrial growth. While people still debate over the quality of handmade products being better than machine made goods, it is pretty clear that machines and automation are the reason the productivity and output has increased multifold. A machine can produce a product ten times faster or even more than the human hand.

Quality of work: Automating the industries has led to a better quality of produce. It is because of the precision and accuracy that a making well defined product is no longer difficult. No matter how experienced a human hand might be, machines will always hold an upper hand when it comes to precision. Automation kills the purpose of human error and can be precise to even millimetres of length.

Consistency: A human body needs to taken care of and so does the machinery. Yet, an automated machine will be way more consistent than a human in production. A machine overpowers the total number of working hours of a human and can multiply the speed of production in no time. All of this is consistent if proper maintenance is provided.

Affordability: A one time investment to automate your industry will save you a lot of money in the long term. Hiring human labor and taking care of their salaries and other benefits is very expensive when compared to machinery installed in factories. 

Now that we know the reason why high tech machinery is preferred, we must also realize that to drive such powerful machinery we need an equally able and compatible software. This is what ReadyDAQ offers. It offers the ease and comfort of enabling automation in your industries without having to go through the trouble of programming individual devices and setting them up. With the ability to offer plug and play service, it supports multiple devices and save you the trouble of software development. ReadyDAQ now comes with a 30 day trial 'lite’ version which gives you access to its features to try before you buy. So get your copy today!


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