How can ReadyDAQ help Internet of Things?

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05 February

How can ReadyDAQ help Internet of Things?

“One of the myths about Internet of Things is that companies have all the data they need, but their real challenge is making sense of it. In reality, the cost of collecting some kinds of data remains too high, the quality of data isn’t always good enough, and it remains difficult to integrate multiple data sources.”

-Chris Murphy, Editor, Information Week

Mr. Murphy has made it pretty clear in his statement that while the IOT is the next big thing, there is a long way to go before our lives are simplified and the technology makes a breakthrough. It has been estimated by Cisco that by the end of 2022, approximately one trillion devices will witness connectivity to the IoT, hence increasing the size and the complexity of the system. This will lead to a number of challenges arising in design, efficiency and development time. This implies that data analytics will play a major role to fasten the decision making process and improve efficiency using intelligent technology driven methods.

These advances will play a major role in creating advanced IoT systems to fulfill wireless connectivity requirements with certain protocols. This is important because network compatibility was ignored until the last few years and will now be the backbone of the future. Synchronization becomes a necessity to cover up for time constraints and to prevent system failure.

ReadyDAQ which is built in the LabVIEW environment has revolutionized the data acquisition system and not only helps develop applications which promote the use of real-time data from sensors and hardware, which is further used to perform complex control algorithms but also cuts down on the development time of creating applications from the scratch. Adding customization options to the applications, ReadyDAQ simplifies the research work to innovate and develop IoT.

Being an affiliate of National Instruments and working with the LabVIEW environment, ReadyDAQ has been on the front end of innovation and development to create, design and test solutions for challenges of the IoT. Major ways in which ReadyDAQ is making a difference include:

  1. Enhanced performance with an Efficient output:

A friendly user interface combined with a modular implementation signify that all the threads work in parallel, hence using the advanced state machine configuration and cutting down on the processing time. Performance enhancements have contributed to shorter loading times which result in better processing of large files and fast software execution. This enhances the user experience as well increases efficiency.

  1. Customizations increase productivity:

The increase in demand calls for better efficiency and agility. ReadyDAQ has enhanced productivity as it brings down the development time for the applications and using templates, offers various customization options to its users as per their needs and requirements.

  1. Reliability for the future:

Built to ease LabVIEW development, ReadyDAQ is the most reliable and stable software till date which simplifies your work and offers tools for engineers and system designers to increase their efficiency and quality of work. With features like optimal error handling, logging of errors and analysis of data stored in excel sheets using data loggers, ReadyDAQ is the future of data acquisition systems.


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“ReadyDAQ provides a customizable LabVIEW solution which is both time saving and affordable”. 


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