How it Feels to Manually Test

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01 December

How it Feels to Manually Test

Posted by:ReadyDaq in Automation

You’re hired! Great! You’ve got the job as a software quality assurance, just what you’ve wanted, right? Let’s take a look at your time spent at work, starting from day 1. 

Day 1

You’ve happily walked into your office and there’s already a task waiting for you. Some application needs to be tested, and there are hundreds of forms, each with at least fifty-or-so fields, and even larger number of reports. That’s fine, you’re educated for all of that,  and you know what needs to be done. After an hour or so, you encounter an error. Perfect! You feel like you’ve already started contributing, you keep up with your work and find few more bugs by the end of the day.

Day 2

Like yesterday, you feel energetic, confident and ready to hunt down some errors. The bugs from yesterday were fixed, now it’s time to find if there are any more left. You pay attention to every detail and encounter more errors today, you’re getting better. 

Day 3

A newer version of the app is out with minor bug fixes. You need to go all over again to check the same forms if there are any new errors. You start to feel a little bit bored, I mean, it’s the same mindless thing all over again.

Day 30

Fast forward to the end of the first month at your new job. New versions of the app come out every now and then, and you have to go through the same forms and reports all over again, countless times. You no longer feel energized and confident, you’re tired. Here and there, you begin to skip some of the steps, some bugs slip through, and you (as well as your employer) begin to question your competence. Let me stop you right there. You are not alone. Just like most of the SQA’s, you get in the phase where our “human” kicks in. You are not able to perform 100% accurately every hour, every day.

This is why we promote automated software testing, and this is just one of the reasons. ReadyDAQ’s automation technology will your and you’re employee’s precious time, money and energy. Why not invest those into something else?


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