Light and Spectra Measurement in Microclimates

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27 September

Light and Spectra Measurement in Microclimates

Photosynthesis is something we’ve all learned about back in elementary school, and, of course, the fundamental part of it is sunlight. Because it impacts plants so much, some farmers have started using technology to measure the quality and quantity of light in order to get the best possible results from their crops. 

No, we cannot do it with our eyes. Our eyes are naturally programmed to adapt to light conditions, thus making it impossible to determine the actual amount and intensity of the sunlight. Measurement is necessary.  The most efficient way to measure light (when it comes to plants) is in a specific frequency band called PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), also known as quantum meters and their values are presented in micromoles. 

Many spectrometers measure and calculate the intensity of light in a single moment for a single location. If we compare light in a specific field to a rainstorm that is measured with a rain gauge, the quantity of light is determined using a data logger with a light sensor.  
Some research studies have shown that bench level lighting in a greenhouse could be lowered by whooping 35-70% over several year due to numerous factors:  dust, dirt, poly decline, glazing, hanging baskets, and even the trees outside have the responsibility.  Are you planting fields without taking advantage of the available technology? Start using it now!

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