The Process of Automation of Medical Test Equipment With the Aid of a Data Logger Software

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05 August

The Process of Automation of Medical Test Equipment With the Aid of a Data Logger Software

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Data acquisition system helps everyone interested in automatic test equipment (ATE) to implement the desired software. Reading an article on Wikipedia and learning that ATE is actually any apparatus that performs tests on a device using automation to quickly measure and evaluate the results is easy. 
However, to fully understand how ATE works and how to program it, you’d need to become an engineer. To implement it into a device, however, you only need to find skilled engineers who can do it for you. 
ATE is widely used to test electronic components and systems, in military applications as well as to test avionics and electronic parts in automobiles, and daq software is necessary in order for the system to work flawlessly.  
One of the fields ATE has been most used is in automating medical devices. There are several steps in order to succeed implementing automation of medical test equipment:

·    Prototype processes considered risky
The safety always comes first, right? Therefore, it is necessary to develop a prototype for those processes that were identified to demonstrate high risk. That way developers are able to confirm the safety of the automated testing, or implement a new approach to completely deny risk, or to at least put it at an acceptable level.  
·    Identify automation processes
After we’ve created a risk-free environment, the next step is to find out what type of automation equipment do we need. While one provide high-speed, they require a lot more maintenance. On the other hand, the use of pneumatics in the machine offers limited speed but do not cause damage and premature wear to the devices they are used with.
·    PFEMA
PFEMA or Process failing modes and effects analysis give us extremely important information about the process. It allows making changes in the process early, which will avoid higher cost changes at the later stages and again, put the risk at a minimum.
·    Develop and monitor the project plan
Both supplier and the client need to have key inputs for the project. The project plan contains the most important data points related to the project schedule and allows both sides to see accomplishments and future goals. After the project plan has been developed, it has to be checked, reviewed, and maintained. This is invaluable during the debug process of the machine development, as we cannot predict the time required to finish the debugging.

After all these steps have been taken, we have necessary precaution to safely implement automatic test equipment into medical devices. ReadyDAQ’s engineers are perfectly capable to thoroughly complete any given task or labview based projects, and make the whole automation process seem like a piece of cake. Their software and experts are what makes a difference in the world of automatic test equipment.

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