ReadyDAQ: The solution to open-loop control systems

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05 March

ReadyDAQ: The solution to open-loop control systems

A major difference between the closed loop and the open loop system is the feedback component. While the basic principle behind the working of the closed loop control system is the continuity maintained due to feedback, the open loop system, which lacks feedback system works on the assumption that when a single command control is applied to it, the desired results will be accomplished. But, unlike the closed loop system, the open loop system measures the results of its command for safety purposes rather than considering it as a part of the system processing sequence.

A major interrelation between the two systems is the fact that while an open loop system can never be operated in the closed loop mode, closed loop system sometimes performs the functions of an open loop system, owing to sensor failures or the inability to provide a feedback due to technical reasons or the intervention of a physical operator. The main role of the open loop system comes into play when the feedback controller fails to maintain stable output. In this case, intervention is made to manually control the feedback and take control. ReadyDAQ, built in the LabVIEW environment makes it easier to gain access to manual control of all the connected devices and take control of the signal if required.

A very common example of the scenario is when a pressure control overcompensates for the drop in pressure. This can lead to varied results causing uneven fall or rise of the pressure. In such cases, it is better to regain control manually and intervene using a physical operator than to rely on feedback controllers. Using ReadyDAQ technology, this intervention can make it easier to recover from the uneven rise and falls and is also more efficient because at times manual corrections can be quicker than the output of a feedback controller. Predictability plays a major delay in the functionality of the feedback controllers while previous behavior observation helps physical operators get to the bottom of the problem faster.

ReadyDAQ offers the flexibility and customizability to create custom software enabling you manual control to your devices without the need for a feedback controller. So, experience a new software experience and visit the pricing page for more information. 

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