ReadyDAQ for Spectrometers and Spectra measurements

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ReadyDAQ for Spectrometers and Spectra measurements

04 September 0   0

ReadyDAQ for Spectrometers - Measurement of the pn junction temperature of laser diode

ReadyDAQ has very recently released a brand new software designed especially for spectrometers. Although this specific spectrum measurement software can be applied in a lot of industries, it is best used in fiber optic communications, laser pointer production and development, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Discs reading and recording technologies, laser printing, laser scanning, barcode reader technologies and other similar devices and practices.

This DAQ software for spectrometers is designed with one thing in mind: to gather all your test data coming from spectrums and spectrum analyses in one place. The customer using this system is able to observe and record many sequential spectrums, watch and clearly distinguish those spectrums which have delays in them and find the spectrum peaks in each and every spectrum needed for further analyses. The customer is also able to view spectrums in a continuous mode, an option which many will find highly functional and important in their fields of study.

Customers who develop LED, laser diode based products, or use laser diodes in other ways are now able to easily measure p-n junction temperature during the process of testing. During that testing process, the customer can see for example only measurements of light. In the end, our customers can with relative ease record and store all the necessary data they need, export it on an external drive and keep it safe for future use.

All in all, the new software we have developed can prove to be of great use to you and your data logging and data acquisition needs. Should you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at any time and we will respond to all your questions as fast as we are able to.


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