Say NO to Fixed Price Jobs and Tight Deadlines

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14 November

Say NO to Fixed Price Jobs and Tight Deadlines

 Yes, the headline is both for employers looking for LabVIEW experts as well as for LabVIEW developers. Why stop there, this may be applied to all freelance programmers. Now, giving such an advice cannot finish here, you’re probably asking why.


I’ve seen hundreds of employers looking for high-quality work with either a low budget or a fixed amount. It doesn’t work that way. Excellence is achieved after hours and hours spent programming, testing, debugging, pulling your hair and nervously holding your hand not to punch the screen. A fixed price project will tie the hands of any professional LabVIEW expert. Hours bring value.


Similarly to the paragraph above, the tight deadline will not provide the quality you’ve wanted. And we all know that LabVIEW based projects cannot end well when the deadline is tight, which is usually the case with fixed-price jobs.


Requesting to be paid per hour is not a cheap trick to pull out as much money as possible, it’s simply to ensure that LabVIEW consultant or expert, as well as the employer, receive what they deserve – A product worthy of what it’s paid for. 


Like you’ve (probably) asked this question at the start of the article, you need to ask the same question over and over again. Why does it need to be finished by this date? Why do you need so many hours to work on it? It goes on both sides and it should remove the slightest possibility of any misunderstandings that may occur.

At the end, none is going to remember you as the guy who delivered work on time, you get remembered by delivering the highest possible quality. That’s how LabVIEW freelance projects will allow you to create a name to  remember. 


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