Test Automation Trends in 2016 (Part 2)

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20 September

Test Automation Trends in 2016 (Part 2)

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We’re back with the second and final part of our list! Read through and let us know what you think.

4. Pair Testing
It’s a undeniable fact that the potency improves once testing and development groups work closely together. Quite clearly, this has become a growing trend, because it permits to quickly bridge communication gaps and more facilitates the immediate resolution of problems. though everything but new, combine testing has recently faced an upsurge. the benefits are ostensibly endless; Abandoning the “developer-tester conflict” in the past, they work along as partners, rushing up the automation of testing situations – and with it the assembly of high-quality code.

Looking at these trends, we have a tendency to believe that a bright future of test automation is ahead of us. Prepare yourself for the rising opportunities within the testing business. Let’s work along so our testing skills can never be outdated!

5. Integration of Test Automation into DevOps
In today’s fast-paced world, customers push for quicker software releases. to attain these formidable goals, new software testing practices are needed. 2016 can see the increase of a plan referred to as “DevOps”. This term encompasses concepts of development, testing and operations and combines practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery, fostering the fast development of high-quality software. in order for this idea to function, the software practicality needs to be immune to changes. It additionally needs a high level of test automation to confirm quality and potency throughout the lifecycle of a software application. Thus, automatic testing needs to be an integral part of DevOps. so as to determine a functioning DevOps atmosphere, test automation are on everyone’s lips in 2016.6. 

6. SMAC Testing
With the emergence of apps using SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) on smartphones, wearables or connected devices like televisions, the worth of testing SMAC apps in 2016 has been driven to the next level. These apps need to be tested for the subsequent parameters: practicality on completely different devices and platforms, load, performance, security and usefulness. Therefore, the necessity for sturdy and secure cross-technology test automation methods is more than ever before. the flexibility to secure sensitive “SMAC data”, like user information within the cloud, is a vital issue once it

involves selecting a strategic testing approach.

Did you read the first part? Which one  of these 6 is your favorite? Comment below


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