The new part of DAQ dictionary brings the terms starting with E and F. Enjoy!

Electromotive Force 

Alteration of potential created by sources of electrical energy that can be used to drive currents through external circuits. The unit is volt.

Endurance limit

In fatigue testing, the amount of cycles which may be endured without failure at a specific level of pressure.


Electronic Industries Association.


A local area network through which you may connect your data acquisition devices.

E-Type Thermocouple

Chromel-constantan thermocouple with a temperature variety of 0 to 800 C.


The voltage or current smeared to a transducer.

External Trigger

The trigger causes the beginning of data acquisition. External triggers let you synchronize data acquisition with outside events.

Fall Time

The time needed for a signal to alter from a indicated high value to a stated low value. Typically measured as the time to fall from 90% to 10% of the step height or full amplitude.


Unit of capacitance.


A temperature scale where the freezing point of water is 32 degrees and the boiling point 212 degrees. Outdated for scientific purposes by Celsius. Symbol is F.

Fast Fourier Transfer (FFT)

An examination algorithm – given a finite set of data points, the FFT expresses the data in terms of its constituent incidences.

FIFO buffer

A first in, first out, store. The first value placed in the queue is the first value later read.


Weakens components of a signal that are unwanted: decreases sound faults in a signal. 


Measured in hertz (cycles per second), degree of recurrence of alterations.

Frequency Counter

Totals numerical pulses over a defined entry time. A typical entry time is amid 0.1 and 10 seconds.

Front panel

The front exterior of a unit, usually having switches and indicator lights.

Full Scale Output

The alteration between the minimum output (normally zero) of a data acquisition device and the valued volume.

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