The newest edition of DAQ dictionary brings the most important terms in data acquisition starting with the letter I. It was hard to narrow down the list to only one article, but we believe the choice is right. 


The symbol for electric current.


Input/Output. A data acquisition system monitors signals via its inputs and sends control signals through its outputs.


Integrated Circuit. Electronic parts contrived on a semiconductor substrate that can’t be split without losing its function.


Interface Management Language. A programming language used to communicate with measurement devices.


The immensity of a magnetic field shaped by a circuit carrying a current. This can cause higher voltages in the circuit.


Data entering a device from the location. A signal being observed by a data acquisition system.


Any piece of electrical or electronic equipment which is intended to carry out an exact function or set of roles. 


A positive or negative whole number or zero.


A shared border. It might be a part of hardware used between two bits of equipment, or a software display cooperating between the computer system and the people who use it.


Software allowing a computer to run programs statement by statement.


An outside signal triggering the execution of a program to be postponed.

Integrating A-D Converter

An integrating A-D converter averages the input signal over a span of time. This is beneficial when the signal to be measured varies gradually. By averaging the signal the converter assistances reduce unwanted signal contamination (noise).

Integration Time

The period of time over which an integrating A-D converter averages the input signal. If selected suitably will average over a complete mains cycle thereby helping to reduce mains frequency interference.


Industry Standard Architecture. An ISA expansion slot lets you plug data acquisition boards into PCs.


International Organization for Standardization, which is made up of national members.

IP Address

Each PC on the network has an IP Address. This is in truth a 32-bit binary number. As such numbers are not user-friendly they are typically presented in Dotted Decimal Notation. You can see this address as being approximately like a postal address.


Two circuits are isolated when there is no direct electrical connection between them.
Isolation Between Inputs
A fleeting at an input can also spread to other equipment connected to that input. This is prohibited by providing isolation among inputs.

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