What industry employs the third of World’s population, and we couldn’t live without it? If your guess was agriculture, you were absolutely right. The expansion of the land use has stopped over the last few decades after a tremendous increase in the last two centuries, however, the population is constantly growing thus the market needs more of their products. To solve this problem, the agricultural practice needs to be more efficient, and data acquisition has an important role in that cause. 

Measurements on the specific sites help determine microclimates and aid in preventing disasters, reacting according to needs and overall management of the location. 

The options are limitless, from water monitoring, to light measurement; all aspects can be recorded and monitored for precise managing of the fields. 

Relative humidity, for example, helps preventing diseases. Temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall and even evapotranspiration are all tremendously important factors in agriculture. 

Microclimate measurements are affordable and the benefits are huge. Operation-specific monitoring can help you bring important decisions; develop plans and expectations and overall growth and management of your crops.  The weather cannot be controlled, but it can be predicted. Don’t let the fate of your job depend on something you don’t have control over, start implementing technology in your fields to boost your production.

ReadyDAQ’s role in data acquisition is to create software. Data logger software we make is based on LabVIEW, our company is partnered with NI and the products we offer are among the best on the market.

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