Not long ago, the most successful LabVIEW consultants were those who were the most proficient at it. However, the number of knowledgeable consultants has changed and the difference between an outstanding and average consultant is more than just their proficiency in LabVIEW. 

The data acquisition systems are becoming more and more complex, thus, those who focus only on their knowledge are left behind the competition in LabVIEW consulting.

The trending areas of LabVIEW usage are divided in two parts: hardware and enterprise systems.  Hardware interface systems are using LabVIEW as their software environment, and a successful consultant needs not only to know the software; experience in electrical or mechanical engineering is very valuable in this situation. The LabVIEW consultant’s role in building hardware interface systems is not only to implement the software. They need to try to avoid potential risks and crashes and to make sure the whole systems function flawlessly. It is obvious that engineers who have no experience with hardware whatsoever will fail to successfully accomplish this task. 

The second trending area mentioned in this article is collaborating with enterprise systems. In this case, the LabVIEW application will be needed to work with web services, databases, and manufacturing systems. Just like consultants involved in creation of hardware systems are required to have some knowledge in that area, with enterprise systems, a good consultant will understand how databases function, be fluent in other programming languages and know about current web technologies. 

The problems usually occur during the implementation of the LabVIEW application with technologies outside the consultant’s field of expertise. If they are familiar with the technology, it’s much easier to overcome and avoid possible problems and risks.
You want the best for your project, of course, and that’s why we highly recommend that you hire the best consultants possible. ReadyDAQ’s experts are leaders in the LabVIEW consulting as well as experienced with other technologies. Contact them today!

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