Some data loggers often end up in hostile environments, and investing in a new one every now and then is probably not something you desire.  We have prepared a set of tips to help you protect your data loggers from birds, to be more precise, we’re talking about weather stations.

Sensors with deterrents
This is the best possible option for protection. However, first thing you need to choose when picking sensors is that it meets all your requirements. After you’ve picked the right sensor, ask if there is a built-in deterrent that prevents birds to interfere with the work of your data acquisition system. 

Use add-ons
There are plenty of tools that will help you with this problem. Bird control wire, for example, has needles that prevent birds from roosting at the spot.  Another great solution is adding a realistic looking decoy that will scare the birds away as well as pose as a more suitable target for larger birds like eagles. Just make sure that the decoy is mounted that way that it moves (to a wind for example) so the other birds won’t look at it as a plain static figure. 

Be creative 
Do it yourself. There are plenty of deterrents you can create on your own. For example, you can install fishing line above your equipment to prevent the birds from landing at that spot. Another creative, yet so simple solution is to install another perching option for the birds. A crossarm will provide a perching spot for the birds and they will probably (hopefully) leave your equipment alone. Pay attention not to install it above your data logger, but either on the opposite side or somewhere further away from your equipment. 

Battling with all possible problems with your data logger is hard enough; don’t fight on two fronts, leave the software to the professionals. ReadyDAQ offers the best solutions for your data acquisition system!

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