If you’ve started to doubt in the results of the measurements of your data acquisition system, you’re probably wondering whether your data logger is functioning properly. There are few simple steps to determine if the device is broken or malfunctioning, read through the article to find out how.

Step one – Test the power source
A data logger that is not receiving enough power will probably cause the whole data acquisition system to malfunction, and this is the first thing you need to put to a test. This is one of the most common reasons for a data logger to fail. Test whether your batteries, chargers or charging sources are properly working. 

Step two – Let the device measure itself
After the successful completion of the power test, the next thing you need to check is whether the data logger is able to measure its voltage and temperature. Most of the devices offer simple instruction on how to do this. If the device fails to correctly measure its own stats, the problem probably lies with the sensors.

Step three – Individual sensor test
If you’ve come this far without realizing what the problem is, it is time to check every sensor, one by one. To do this, you need to restart your device and turn on every sensor one by one and check if they show correct readings. If any of them displays strange results, you’ve got to the bottom of the problem. 

Step four – Is it the Software?
Sometimes, your data logger may be working just fine, while the software is causing problems. That’s where you leave it to the professionals who will quickly find the problem. ReadyDAQ has LabVIEW certified experts and they are your best call for any software issues you might have. 

Although it can be annoying to determine whether the device is functioning the way it should, it is always better to test it yourself before sending it back to manufacturers. 

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