ReadyDAQ is the nextgen data logger software that provides an amazing DAQ experience. It is data acquisition software built in the LabVIEW environment with the ability to acquire and write signals to the NI data acquisition products. It prevents development delay and gives you the ability to immediately get to work. Offered in two variants i.e. a source code or a compiled standalone version, the software is ready to install and work on your DAQ devices. The acquired data is then collected and shown on screen for further processing.

Acquiring voltage signals, writing voltage signal output, thermocouple temperature and current signals was never easier! Our data logger software gives you the privilege to get this information with a simple set up without the need for extensive programming. This information can later be stored into a spreadsheet file for later use utilizing excel.

Taking measurements is rather easy than it sounds. The software uses the sample rate and the number of samples which can be set according to your preference, to collect the signals using the data acquisition system and even allows you to control your DAQ device using the control bar to change the output values. The modular implementation allows parallel working using the advanced state machine configuration and the logging of files into excel sheets stores all the information for later use. A graphical view of the output results helps you get a summarized analysis without the need to understand and prepare reports separately. This simplifies all the complex work. 

Overall, ReadyDAQ is a one-stop-shop for all your data logging needs which play an important role in setting up and measuring readings in laboratories. Rather than going for one component at a time approach, the software allows you to customize the software according to your needs and enables you to read system signals of various types faster and more efficiently. 
It is a must-have for all the engineers, researchers, and scientists looking forward to innovation and development of their own products.

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