A new innovation which speeds up your development process and saves you on time and money is ReadyDAQ. ReadyDAQ has been built in the LabVIEW environment supported by National Instruments (NI) and is a must have development tool for all the upcoming innovators including scientists, researchers and even engineers! Forget about developing your software from the scratch and get pre designed custom software as per your needs and requirements. With ReadyDAQ, you quickly set up your Data Acquisition device and get going. You can acquire, record and analyze input as well as output signals.

One of the major features of the software package which can be customized as per user demand is the data logger software which allows users to record values and store them in spreadsheet files for further analysis. The data logger has been tested, debugged and optimized to play a major role in becoming an integral part of your procedural system. The ReadyDAQ data logger is a modular LabVIEW based out of the box solution to all your development problems which save you an excess amount of time, money and energy by keeping all your data stored at one place without the need to program the device individually.

It utilizes advanced state machine architecture and has been developed using LabVIEW v.14.0 32 bit version which can either be used as an executable standalone version or modified as per specific needs and requirements. The best part about the technology is its ability to store data for future reference. This means that the data which has been acquired is stored on an external file which unless initiated by the user will not delete hence, keeping the data safe for a long period of time. This data can be kept in the form of records for years and can be shared using external medium as well. This gives users the flexibility to not only understand and analyze the processes but to consult outside professionals as well.

This functionality offers error analysis to the user which helps them understand the causes of error occurrence and comparing the current values to previous trials as well. In the technologically advancing world, it is a convenient option to learn from our previous mistakes and to optimize performance. So, ReadyDAQ is the perfect solution to all your development and data logging needs.

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