Tom Peters once said,” Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes and procedures.” We, as humans, for centuries, have been striving to enhance our products to increase efficiency while reducing costs at the same time. We have come a long way. Our products have advanced with the ever enhancing developments and the next level technology era that is working to transform our lives and shape the world. A few days ago, we spoke about prototyping and how it has impacted the innovation process. Along with prototyping, if we combine the production and manufacturing factor, we get the perfect formula for designing and creating an amazing product.

While prototyping is the very basis of designing a product, once the design is achieved, manufacturing plays the role of getting the product out in the market. If we can work towards employing an efficient manufacturing technique, the chances of success automatically increase. ReadyDAQ, built within the LabVIEW environment, offers you pre-built software hence cutting out on the development time and also saving you lots of money. When a prototype is designed, it needs precision and a trial run; hence, a lot of time is invested in it. But, with ReadyDAQ, the data logger option helps analyze the whole project and changes which are made to it. Manufacturing needs investment and also majorly depends on the prototype design since a prototype is the first sample of the actual product.

Hence, a single flaw in the prototype can lead to faulty and defective product manufactured. With the help of error logging and the ability to make changes, the manufacturing process has been hit with a major impact, making it efficient and user friendly. Manufacturing products efficiently is also caused by the ease of operation that ReadyDAQ has to offer along with its graphical interface.

It maximizes instrument utilization which increases throughput, leading to better results. ReadyDAQ offers the ability to sync with most LabVIEW enables devices and is used to program such machinery; hence, multiple device connectivity is an added advantage. Energy efficiency plays a major role and most of the functionality leads to energy-efficient results making this a better option to improve your product manufacturing abilities..

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