Feedback is the component which separates the open-loop control and the closed loop control system, but, it is to be noted that while several closed loop systems might need open loop systems in the control system, open loop control function can almost always sustain without any specific feedback.

Instead, feed forward, more commonly known as pre-feedback plays an important role in a control system where both open loop and closed loop control systems are used as it can delay the effects of any disturbance measured by the sensors before it hits the ongoing process. Based on the sensor, if the effects can be measured in advance, action can be taken to counter the disturbance activity.

A very common example of the simultaneous working of the two systems in parallel is a brewery that ferments and bottles beer. A closed-loop control system is applied during the fermentation process where specific temperature, pressure, flow speed into the bottle as well as other required conditions are to be maintained to produce a perfectly fermented mix of water and grain. This makes use of the feedback to continue the processing of the mixture. Any rise or drop in the conditions and the feedback will put a halt to the processing.

Now, when we move to the bottling process, both the control systems are used simultaneously to fill and cap the bottles, once the bottles have been filled. While the closed loop control manages all the conditional processes, one time processes such as starting and stopping of the motors for mixing use the open loop control. Open loop control combined with a discrete closed loop setup is used in the bottling process. Sensors are used to determine the presence of a bottle for filling while another sensor is used when the bottle fills up to a specific level.

The whole process needs a pre-determined setup and monitoring and working of several sensors and devices simultaneously. Using ReadyDAQ, similar process can be executed without going through the hassle of setting up individual devices as well as programming them from the very basics. Multiple devices can be controlled using ReadyDAQ with customizations added as per the need and requirement of the product. So, ReadyDAQ can help you give a kickstart to your innovation while managing multiple control systems.

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