LabVIEW Based Temperature Measurement and Control System
The target of this project is to plan a LabVIEW program with information procurement and control hardware to quantify temperature from a temperature sensor and in this way to control the warming component. 

Optical Character Recognition Based Speech Synthesis System Using LabVIEW
In this venture, an optical character acknowledgment (OCR) based discourse amalgamation framework is actualized for changing over printed or composed character reports into speech signals utilizing LabVIEW programming. 

Non-Contact Water level controller using Arduino and LabVIEW 
This venture achieves a non-contact water level estimation and control using Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, and LabVIEW. At the point when the water level goes low, the pump is turned ON while the water level goes high, the pump will be killed.

Real-Time Data Monitoring of PV Solar Cell Using LabVIEW and DAQ 
The primary goal of this project is to plan a continuous checking framework for the sun-powered or photovoltaic cells mounted on housetops utilizing DAQ board and LabVIEW. This will decide the necessities of the heap to be associated with the nearby planetary system.

LabVIEW and Web-Server Based Human Body Monitoring System 
This venture is planned to screen the human body parameters like pulse rate, temperature, and SPO2 utilizing LabVIEW. The information procurement is performed through Arduino controller though LabVIEW empowers GUI and also web server based checking operations.

Monitoring and Control of Relative Humidity in Soil Using LabVIEW 
This project executes a programmed water system water control framework which works taking into account the flag of soil dampness detecting circuit. This observing frame utilizes fringe control interface and PC with LabVIEW programming.

Smart Surveillance Using Mobile Robot Using LabVIEW
This project manages the usage of the versatile robot with a camera mounted on it for reconnaissance reason. This outline is controlled through LabVIEW based GUI upon Zigbee remote information transmission.

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