Testing out your software makes you feel like Sisyphus, with the perfect results that appear after testing, and the problems and errors reappearing the following day, your job seems like hours of futile work that goes to waste. But does it have to be like that?

The introduction above talks about manual software testing. You, or whoever your developer is, have to sit in front of the computer screen and carefully tread the miles of code lines, test them over and over again and find the part you’ve been missing. It is efficient, of course, but at what cost? It is practically impossible to create a code from scratch that will work perfectly as soon as you test it. And that’s only the first phase of the testing. Numerous system updates and patches require doing this process over and over again. Normally, you want your product to be error-free before the release. Every experienced developer will find an error and fix it. Even if it’s not a single error but dozens, even hundreds of them. However, think about the hours, days and months needed to implement all this. Now take a calculator and count how much does an hour of experienced programmer’s work cost and multiply it with the hours needed to eradicate all imperfections the code might have. The numbers are extremely high you could get acrophobia just by looking at them. Luckily, the modern age allows us not only to build high-tech products, but also to make the creating part easy and simple.

So, there was a “versus” in the title, the battle is pretty much one-sided so far. What’s the catch? The automation software are often not that affordable, especially for startups and freelance developers, and that’s the only time the manual testing could ever win this battle. 
However, ReadyDAQ took care of that too. Not only that they offer software automation at an affordable price, they aid you with pre-written code so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Whatever the client requires, ReadyDAQ can be used as a starting point instead of starting from scratch which saves tons of time and development cost. In addition, the company can also develop any other software the customer needs, including a sequence of fast digital acquisition software and basically anything else that a client would require for their industry to run smoothly and successfully. 
So whether you are developing a lifetime setup for an aesthetic device, prototyping a medical device, operating a carbon fiber based heater, developing a heat engine, or any other project that comes to your mind, ReadyDAQ is the best solution for you. 

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