Data loggers are widely used, but what are the current leaders in the field? Take a look at the list we’ve prepared for you

This is a pretty easily used sound meter with options for detecting A-weighted and C-weighted noise measurements. Beside that it can detect sound in two different modes, fast and slow. Fast mode has the resolution of 120 milliseconds and slow mode resolution is one second. UT352 allows you to gather highest and lowest detected sound volume and it also has the ability to store 60 measurements. Everything is displayed on lcd screen with very bright backlight.

Onset UX100-01
A practical and small temperature and humidity data logger, it has a temperature accuracy of 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit, relative humidity accuracy is +-0.2%. The relative humidity range is of 1 to 95% non-condensing and it has the ability to store 84000 measurements. One of the key features of this device is LCD screen which gives you real-time feedback. There are two main logging modes, statistics which allows you to record min max avg. and SD, and burst mode where the device starts to record with a faster sampling rate, after the particular threshold.

Fluke 345
This device can view waveforms, evaluate harmonics, evaluate power, capture inrush and log measurements. It combines clamp meter, power quality meter, and oscilloscope and data logger into one portable tool. With these you can evaluate most of the circuit in your building. Harmonics is growing issue with today’s electrical systems and the fluke 345 is the ideal tool for troubleshooting them.

Kestrel 4500
If you have it in your pocket you can never get lost because it has a compass. Also includes temperature data logger and propeller which is calibrated so it can tell you the speed and temperature of the wind, head wind speed, minimum average and max temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, wet bulb, barometric pressure altitude and density altitude. 

While you’re dealing with hardware, you don’t need to worry about data acquisition software. ReadyDAQ offers the best data logger software that is available for you today!

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