Do you have an idea to innovate? Does it feel like you can bring a change in this world? If the answer to these questions is yes, what are you waiting for? Or have you already started but developing software takes too much of your time? We, at ReadyDAQ have a solution to this problem with the help of which you can devote all your time to actual product development rather than working on its software.

If you are on the prototyping stage of your product and a lot of your time is invested in designing and developing software for your device, ReadyDAQ offers you the answer to your development needs. An automated system to control your devices, it allows you to connect up to four devices simultaneously as you work on that prototype tirelessly! The software is a ready- to- go software with which all you need to do is connect the Data acquisition device and run the software to get the inputs as well as supply outputs. It can control all operational devices such as pumps, drivers, motors, engines, sensors and other similar equipment with utmost precision and care.

The software not only supports plug and play but also offers a user friendly interface to make it easy for the users to navigate through the application which is available in two modes. With the help of the data logger feature that the software offers, it is very easy to log all the data that has been read by the software and utilize it in the future for reference purposes or to check for errors. 

ReadyDAQ is an affordable and easy to use solution which will soon be launching a new version with support for most DAQ devices. The package includes an EXE installer and offer a trial of 30 days for you to try and get a hands-on experience on the software. The trial period will the give the users a chance to understand the application, get an experience of using the same and if one likes it, it can be purchased via our website and offers 3 different versions which can be checked out on our pricing page.

So stop developing, start innovating!

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