Two key IoT issues, which are also intertwined, are security and privacy: the data IoT devices store and work with needs to be safe from hackers, so as not to have sensitive data exposed to third parties. It is of utmost importance that IoT devices be secure from vulnerabilities and private so that users would feel safe in their surroundings and trust that their data shall not be exposed or worse, sold through illegal channels. Also, since devices are becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives (many people store their credentials on their devices, for example), poorly secured devices can serve as entry points for cyber-attacks and leave data unprotected.
The nature of IoT devices means that every unsecured or inadequately secured devices pose a potential threat. This security problem is even deeper since various devices can connect to each other automatically, thus refraining the user from knowing at first glance whether a security issue exists. Therefore, developers and users of IoT devices have an obligation to make sure that no other devices come in any potential harm, so they constantly develop and test security solutions for these challenges.
The second key issue, privacy, is thought to be a factor which holds back the full development and implementation of IoT. Many users are concerned about their rights when it comes to their data being tracked, collected and analyzed. IoT also raises concerns regarding the potential threat of being tracked, the inability of discarding certain data collection, surveillance etc. Strategies need to be implemented which, although bring innovation, still respect user privacy choices and expectations. In order for Internet of Things to truly be accepted, these challenges need to be looked into and these problems need to be overcome, which is a great task and a test both for developers and for users.

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