ReadyDAQ simplifies the development process for engineers, scientists and researchers. Because it is built in the LabVIEW environment, it utilizes the environmental abilities to create custom applications which can be further used to fulfill the requirements of the product developers and its users. ReadyDAQ creates a platform to operate numerous devices without the need to configure them from the scratch. The basic concept behind any project created using ReadyDAQ relies mainly on control and expands into various sub-branches including control design process, implementation, prototyping, modeling, tuning and operation of the control system.

Using a DC motor and ReadyDAQ built custom software; you can model a DC motor in a close loop control or PID, generally known as a proportional integral derivative controller. Several steps are involved in the complete process. These include:

  • Modeling, which basically means creating a model based on a mathematical representation or equation. This model is further used to design the PID.
  • This is followed by Control Design, a very important step considering this step decides the flow of the controller. Understanding the DC Motor plays a crucial role in this step.
  • Simulation is the procedure of simulating the response of the DC motor when deciding or modifying the set point values and the speed input.
  • Since simulation helps us observe values of both, the controller and the DC motor response, it becomes easier to observe the errors, if any and to verify and tune the outputs.
  • Now that all the values have been simulated and verified, we can apply these setting on the actual DC motor and the physical setup to control real life systems and not only the simulated models.

After going through the above mentioned steps to set-up a DC motor for closed loop control, it can be observed that a number of functions need to be taken care of including the control of the DC motor, the tuning, simulation as well as application in real time systems. This, rather than being programmed separately is taken care of by ReadyDAQ which offers a one stop solution to all these needs and requirements.

So, with such flexibility and customizable options, we, the ReadyDAQ team not only provides you simplified solutions but is there to help your software customizations as per the project requirement along with development of the control applications as well as the hardware setup.

For more information on pricing and offerings as well as to buy our product, click here.

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