As the technological advancements take place, more and more innovations are being worked upon leading to better solutions for our daily life problems. And to support these innovations and get optimized and efficient results, scientists, researchers and even engineers are working on newer technology to create highly innovative products. During these times, imagine if you had to take out time, especially to develop software for your device or its prototype? Wouldn’t it be better if you could get straight to work? What if there was a predefined software to control all your DAQ devices? The answer to all these questions is ReadyDAQ!

ReadyDAQ is the latest solution to all your software development needs. With its ability to provide custom software, it is now possible to simply connect your Data Acquisition devices and get ready to work. ReadyDAQ offer customized solutions as per your needs and requirements and makes it easier to acquire analog/ digital signals voltage and current signals, signals from thermocouples and other such operating devices. These signals can further be stored into spreadsheet files for future reference and can be accessed anytime. This data logger feature enables the users to access old records as old as years old to rectify the errors in their latest versions.

ReadyDAQ supports four simultaneous analog to digital devices at a time and is also plays the major role of writing output signals to devices such as pumps, motors, engines, drivers etc. With its user friendly graphic interface, ReadyDAQ simplifies the analysis process with the help of graphs and other figures which make comparing values easier.

ReadyDAQ also supports the use of open loop control as well as closed loop control functions (PID) enabling feedback signals in the process. ReadyDAQ not only acquires signals but also exhibits them as calibrated signals which basically mean that the user can set the ini file linear calibration constant and exhibit the same in the software as physical values such as pressure, temperature, power etc.

When we are offering you solutions to all your development needs with ReadyDAQ, an affordable and easy to use solution, why would you want to waste time developing the software and delay the product? So, it is time you left all your application worries with us and focused on the prototype! Get working with ReadyDAQ!

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