Have you been looking for a solution help you get going with the prototyping process for your innovative product? Are you a scientist, engineer or researcher working on a life changing project? Are you tired of developing software to run your prototypes and get straight to working on the actual prototype? If the answer to any of the above questions or all of the questions is yes, you are in definite need of ReadyDAQ, the perfect partner to increase your efficiency and get you going with the product prototyping process.

ReadyDAQ is the modern day solution to all your software development needs which actually cuts down on your time, expense and energy invested on developing the software. Imagine developing a product and getting straight to work without worrying about the need to develop, test and debug a specific software for the device. All of this is possible with ReadyDAQ, which is a one stop shop to all your software development needs. The software, which is available as a standalone software as well as an executable makes it easy for you to manage the running of applications for your DAQ devices with the ability to create customized and device specific applications.

One of the major reasons, ReadyDAQ is an innovative solution for your problems is the fact that it simplifies the process of acquiring and storing signals including analog and digital voltage and current signals, temperature values from thermocouples, signals from sensors and other operating devices. This data is stored in the form of a spreadsheet for further analysis and error rectification. This not only makes acquiring data convenient but also offers the users a chance to go through the readings and make changes to regain efficiency. This ReadyDAQ data logger software powers up the prototyping process and helps understand the working better with live feed and results.

Apart from this, ReadyDAQ has an easy to use approach for its users so setting up the software is not a tough task. It is a run on the go software which can be used by directly connecting your Data Acquisition device for working. This prevents the prior application development and grants its customers access to their devices with ease.

So, it is high time, you picked up ReadyDAQ, an affordable and easy to use solution for all your innovative products and started developing the product rather than its software! Visit us for more!  

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