Not long ago, a water department started to use data loggers to control water quality and record levels of dissolved oxygen in multiple lakes and slow rivers to monitor the health of aquatic life. If DO concentrations are too low, the life in these waters will be at a huge risk, particularly in stagnant environments. Since DO concentrations are caused by temperature, they get much lower during the summer, the water department wanted to prevent dying of the fish this summer.

The department posted three GSM/GPRS data loggers — a solution that is both effective and cheap. These devices are created for fast deployment at a low price. 
At every location, a data logger has been put in a fiberglass case connected with the necessary sensors. This made it easy for them to install these devices on the riverside. For increased safety, the loggers have a hard construction and are able to withstand temporary submersion.

Equipped with a socket for the external antenna, the devices transmit all the collected data automatically using GPRS communications. Data acquisition is handled using telemetry server which is accessible online. Now, the water department director gets all the data on their computer each Monday morning along with a warnings in cases when DO concentration is too low. 

Furthermore, each data logger has lithium battery pack which is replaceable at the spot and only requires to be changed once in 5 or more years.  This is makes it even more effective when combined with cheap GPRS ‘always-on’ protocols.

The data loggers have already made the whole process way more financially sustainable by logging every water value and automatically sending data directly to their office, they are left to acquire information even during the harsh weather conditions.

This is one of many examples where data loggers provide effective solutions that save time, money and provides even better results. While you are free to take care of the hardware, you are free to leave the software to us. ReadyDAQ offers the highest quality data acquisition software based on LabVIEW as well as data acquisition systems with devices based on NI. Their experts are completely capable of leading you through a labVIEW project and prepare the software part while you deal with the hardware.

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