We’re facing an often asked, yet somehow a redundant question. Asking this is a little lie asking why picture books are less popular than books written using the alphabet.
The thing with programming is that once you have spent enough time learning it (the same applies for math or English) you realize that it is an extremely expressive and powerful tool that can express a large range of things in a precise way.
In fact, it’s so great that once you are used to it, you can work so fast in it that visual tools are just the obstacles. Even with a language as simple as HTML, the one that actually CAN be visualized with editors like DreamWeaver, most professionals, and advanced amateurs tend to spend a huge amount of time in the textual part of the app.

We can program PCs utilizing different standards, and there are a few devices other than LabView. MIT’s Scratch rings a bell and is a genuine endeavor at using a visual situation for programming. Sikuli is exceptionally fascinating, as it uses PC vision procedures to permit undertaking robotization on a desktop. Siri is additionally another endeavor at utilizing voice and could be utilized as a part without bounds as the reason for a programming domain. 

Two things that strike a chord taking a gander at these option instruments is that they are displayed in the wake of something genuine and have a tendency to be area particular. I accept both elements are connected. LabView, for example, draws vigorously from this present reality equal parts from the logical and designing area. This includes some exchange offs that are not so much essential. I trust that in a leap forward is required, to perceive that present GUIs ought to include various types of connection than simply attempting to “imitate” something physical. I trust we’ll see a greater amount of it coming as the tablets advance, and individuals begin to utilize a greater amount of the multitouch and accelerometer to permit control of the “virtual” environment. Individuals will outline new instruments and controls that are unrealistic in this present reality yet will carry on fine and dandy, and instinctively, in certain situations. 
Hopefully, this explained at least a part of the mystery

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