In this project an NI-USB 6009 was used to develop a medical device prototype. This device was chosen since it provides everything needed in a low cost, OEM version.

The NI USB-6009 includes:
• 8 analog inputs (14-bit, 48 kS/s)
• 2 static analog outputs (12-bit)
• 12 digital I/O
• 32-bit counter
The analog inputs were connected into different sensors, such as a proximity sensor for the device hand-piece as well as temperature sensors (thermistors) to measure temperature at different places in the system. Two other analog input channels were used to measure the reflected scattered light in the system which indicated, after calibration, the total amount of light emitted from the product light source.
One of the analog outputs was used to operate the hand piece trigger while the other analog output channel was used to operate the fan.
The digital output channels were used to operate the pulse width modulation of the light source (together with the 32 bit counter) and to switch off the product settings.

Together with ReadyDAQ, the development of the system was extremely short which allowed very fast prototyping to be used for clinical trials.
In this project we also consulted for the sensors that was used for the devices as well.
ReadyDAQ customized the order to meet the customer’s requirements, and since the software application was not build from scratch the software was delivered very fast and in reasonable budget.

Example projects

At ReadyDAQ we are ready to build and customize our software for any project that you are working on. 
Some sample projects include: 

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